“Thank you Wicked Alternative Body Fashion for introducing me to “Dragon Mist”! My toddler had a chemical burn from the adhesive on a band-aid and after a couple days of using Dragon Mist on the area, the blisters were gone and the burn was significantly healed. Also put some on a huge pimple and worked like a charm. Can’t wait to see what else this magic elixir can do!”

-Mary K. – Red Deer, AB

“Wicked’s Dragon Mist is the best! I use it for cuts, bug bites, sunburns, and piercing irritations but it’s been hugely successful for me as a toner on my skin! Clears up any breakouts I have!!!”

-Breanne D. – Medicine Hat

“Our boy Flash (family dog) has issues with his body creating too much yeast. He often gets yeast infections in his paws, armpits and ears, which make him lick these areas raw. So this involves recurring vet trips every 3 or so months to get a prescription steroid cream. Said steroid cream has to be rubbed in 2-3 times a day for 7-10 days and Flash has to wear a cone so he doesn’t lick the open wounds. Until we found this gem, Dragon Mist. It’s a topical spray for piercings and lots of other uses. We sprayed Dragon Mist on his paw three times on day 1 and twice on day 2. Because of the tea tree smell he won’t lick the wounds. This is now what his paw looks like. The hair has grown back (the brown is his fur, not a wound) and what was once bare, raw skin is healed. TWO DAYS! This stuff is truly incredible. It works fast AND I don’t have to spend $200 every 3 months at the vet. By far the best product I think I’ve ever used. So incredibly happy.”

-Joan J. – Sylvan Lake, AB

I recently got a case of athletes foot pretty bad from starting the hockey season. The itching was ridiculous so I thought I would give Dragon Mist a shot to see if it helped. Not only did the itching stop, my skin went back to normal after 3 days. I was very surprised.

- Joe J. - Indian Head, Sask

I can't stop telling people about this product. I use it every day after I wash my face. It has replaced me using a moisturizer because wicked dragon mist has such natural moisturizing properties. Also, with Saskatchewan's dry air, I couldn't be more impressed with my results. AND it controls breakouts!

- Brittany M. - Saskatoon, Sask

So.....here goes.....
Totally recommend this product. I've used this product a couple of times for mosquito bites. Worked right away .
My brother is visiting me and got on a motorcycle while wearing shorts and lightly burned his leg. 😯. I just sprayed the WICKED DRAGON MIST in this minor burn. He say to me.....it doesn't hurt anymore. Yaaaay! Great product! !!— feeling relieved.

- Valda B. - Red Deer, AB

I was introduced to Dragon Mist last spring. I do body sugaring, which is like waxing but you use a honey paste instead of wax (so it's chemical free). I use the Dragon Mist as an aftercare treatment. It's incredibly soothing and great at preventing ingrown hairs!!! 
I also use it on all my kids cuts and scrapes. I used it to help heal up a persistent dry rash my daughter had on her cheeks, I had tried several other products with no success but 2 days after using Dragon Mist it was gone. I occasionally use it in place of my facial toner as well. It's my go-to product for anything that needs healing or soothing!

- Trina Warren - New Brunswick 

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Topical Spray

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Keep this is your medicine cabinet, take it hiking or camping. Keep a bottle in your RV, boat, saddlebag, golf bag, hockey bag, first aid kit, garage. Our convenient 4-ounce spray bottle is easy to take anywhere.

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